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Hello Lovelyhearts!

Hi, my name is Erika. I'm 22, a full-time student, and a writer. My husband and I live in a small cottage right outside of Dallas, Texas with our fur-baby named Snoopy. Snoops (as we like to call him) is a hyperactive beagle that loves chewing on my favorite pair of shoes, sleeping in dad's clothes, and eating paper towels, which he finds to be delicious.

We got married on October 9th in a ceremony that was very low-key, casual, and lovely. Saul, my husband, is a software/gaming programmer and a web developer. He previously did some work in Santa Monica and was actually nominated for 3 emmy awards for theatrical production and art directing. I am a former associate buyer that recently decided I have had my fill of corporate America and quit my job. Now I'm a full-time student and housewife. Together my husband and I are working on starting our own business that I'll manage from our studio at home.

Since I'm at home all day, most of my time is spent in front of the computer working (and facebook'ing and lj'ing) when I'm not cleaning or beating myself up for eating something I probably shouldn't have. El-jay is totally my guilty pleasure. And, though I'm probably not the best blogger in the world, in the evenings I like to sit with tea and popcorn and catch-up with everyone.

My husband is a very gifted and talented musician that can play almost every instrument there is. He also writes music and sings. I am a singer/songwriter. I'm not active in the music ministry just yet (I'm not completely confident in my ability), but he is a former worship leader. We have a home church but travel and minister when given opportunities to do so. He has a heart for children and I have a heart for everything. Hillsong's song "Solution" has lyrics the describe my heart for God perfectly:

"Solution" by Hillsong
Fill our hearts with Your compassion as we hold to our confession.

Only You can mend the broken heart and cause the blind to see;
erase complete the sinner's past and set the captives free.
Only You can take the widow's cry and cause her heart to sing;
be a father to the fatherless, our saviour, and our king.

We will be Your hands. We will be Your feet.
We will run this race for the least of these.
In the darkest place, we will be Your light.
We will be Your light."

We our firm believers of James 2:8. The ministry that God has given my pastors has invested in our lives and taught us that we should show no respect of persons and treat everyone the same. Our church sits in the middle of a drug infested neighborhood and it's not uncommon to see pimps and prostitutes walking up and down the street. If a prostitute or someone addicted to and high on drugs walks into our church, no one treats them any differently than we treat each other. We're a big family and we're all about spreading the love of God while refraining from dry-dead religious tradition and bondage.

I am a people person and I never meet a stranger. I'm looking to meet new friends on here, if anyone is interested.

Looking forward to getting to know you more. . .

Much love,
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