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I am a Grandmother

Being a Grandmother has been very exciting. It is still being a parent times 2. My grandchildren live with me and my husband and he has been a trooper. I love having them with me. It is like getting a 2nd chance at parenting.
My grandson is 2 and my granddaughter is 9 months on the 23rd. My grandson is a bit challenging. Like right now as I am typing this out, he keeps drinking his milk, but then let it run out of his mouth, even though I have asked him to stop.
My granddaughter is full of smiles and laughter, but she is learning to throw tantrums. Thanks to her brother.
I have been learning to be a housewife, and grandmother at the same time.
It is a great journey, I would not trade it for the world. I thank God daily for the opportunity.
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