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Love Dare

Day one and Day two of Love Dare:

Day one requires you to have patience with your spouse and not say anything negative to them. I dont know about hubby, but for me, I made a decision to not pick on him for one of his odd habits:
He cant park in the driveway, for the night, unless he pulls in backward. Its just a thing he does, it annoys me for no reason. Well, one van was in the steeet and the other we were driving. He pulled in the one in the street backward, then got back into our van and backed in. I didnt say a word, where normally I would pick on him for it.
This dare wasnt too hard. I often make a decision not to say something that is negative.

Day 2 was a little tougher for me. It says "In addition to not saying anything negative to your spouse again today, do at least one unexpected gesture as an act of kindness."

I failed in the first part. I was getting ready for an appointment that I forgot I had and was feeling a little rushed. My husband was leaving to go out of town and this was his last day home, so he made a comment saying "It was nice to see you today." I got defensive. After all, he wasnt even supposed to be home...I have appointments and such during the week! I commented back in a real nasty tone, "Should I cancel all my appointments and sit on your lap all day?" My husband (God bless him) displayed patience and made a joke which lightened the mood. He said, "Not my lap, my face." I burst out laughing and felt bad I had snapped. When I came out of the bathroom and started to get my stuff on to leave, he told me he had made me a breakfast sandwich that was sitting on the counter for me. I was planning on getting drive-thru! I thanked him and ate it on the way out the door. It tasted amazing! I texted him and told him it was the best sandwich I ever had.

Later that night as my unexpected gesture of kindness, I went downstairs and began gathering up some clothes for him to pack. Usually he's a "last-minute-Larry", like me, and runs around like a mad man trying to find the right clothes to pack; cant find socks, where is my bathing suit, "does this count as business casual?" You know the drill. I was exhausted, had a headache and was not feeling well. I really didnt want to do anything but go to bed, but I still hadnt met my dare. So, I grabbed a few items I knew he'd have a hard time finding or that I just thought he should have and left them out for him to pack. He was very surprised and thanked me. Lucky for us the bag was packed before bed and we just had to grab it in the morning and head out, stress free.

This is fun! After each dare, they ask you to journal what you had done, how it affected you and your spouse, or what you learned.

I learned that it isnt always necessary to make a sly remark. Why bother? It will just cause a bitter mood between you. I also learned that even the smallest gesture of kindness (gathering up some socks) doesnt go unnoticed. It makes a difference...it really does.

He wont be home until Friday, so our next dare wont be until the weekend. I'll blog then. God bless ladies, and go bless your husband tonight in some small way!

*edited to add: Even if he aggravated you today!
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